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Shout to the Lord
« on: April 21, 2008, 08:12:52 AM »
While singing the song "Shout to the Lord", have the praise band continue to play after the first verse at a low volume while someone, or a group of persons, follows the line "nothing compares to the promises I have in you" with the reading of some of God's actual promises from scripture.  This sounds very powerful with the song softly playing in the background.  Here's a script that we followed:

Laura:  Oh Lord you tell us to Come to you, all who are weary and burdened, and you promise to give us rest.   (Matthew 11:28)

Lynn:  Lord you promise to give strength to your people; and you bless us with peace.   (Psalm 29:11)
Dan: God, you tell us that you so loved the world that you gave your one and only son and that whoever believes in you will not perish but have eternal life.  (John 3:16)

Jen: God, you are our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in times of trouble.  (Ps 46:1)

Rick:  Lord, as far as the east is from the west, you promise to remove our transgressions form us.  (Ps 103:12)

Laura: Lord, you promise to give strength to the weary and to increase the power of the weak.  (Isaiah 40:29)

Lynn: Lord, you promise to take hold of our right hand and you say to us: “Do not fear; I will help you.”  (Isaiah 41:13)

Dan: Lord, you promise to love us, and to those that seek you; will find you.  (Proverbs 8:17)

Jen: Lord, you promise to respond to the prayers of the destitute and that you will not despise their plea.  (Psalm 102:17)

Rick: Lord, you promise to keep us from all harm, you promise to watch over our life, you promise to watch over our coming and going, now and forevermore.  (Psalm 121:7,8)

Laura: Lord, you promise to be our God, forever and ever and to guide us, even to the end.  (Psalm 48;14)

Lynn:  Lord you promise to be our stronghold in times of trouble.  (Psalm 37:39)

Dan:  Lord, You are my hiding place; you promise to protect us from trouble and to surround us with songs of deliverance.  (Psalm 32:7)

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Re: Shout to the Lord
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2008, 09:43:32 AM »
Wow... very cool. I'll be using that one with Brenton Brown's Everlasting God. Thanks!

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Re: Shout to the Lord
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2009, 05:22:38 PM »
Very cool

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Re: Shout to the Lord
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Criticism is wonderful.